Business Consulting by X3DCAE.

Business Consulting and CAE Management for your Products and Services.

Business Development Services by X3DCAE to open new markets for your Products and Services.


International Client Representation Services by X3DCAE allow overseas clients to enjoy Reliable Local Representation.


X3DCAE covers a range of Technologies, in order to serve better the Marketing and Sales goals for your Products and Services.


The Advantage of working with X3DCAE in order to Grow your Business....

X3DCAE will help you be in the right Place, at the right Time.


With a strong background in New Product Development as well as in Information Technology & Management systems, X3DCAE has the necessary knowledge to understand and promote your Products and Services with fluency, in order to achieve your sales goals.


X3DCAE is located at the right spot to promote your business. Nearly half of the United States population is situated within X3DCAE's geographic proximity. The National Capital Washington DC as well as Baltimore MD, Raleigh NC, Philadelphia PA, Pittsburgh PA, Columbus OH, Cleveland OH, Cincinnati OH, and Detroit MI, are all located within a radius of less than 500 miles from X3DCAE's headquarters.

Business Network

X3DCAE will put its Business Network at your service. Whether you offer a Product or a Service, X3DCAE will communicate with the right people at the right place, to promote your business goals.

Local Representation

In a land where you are unfamiliar with the local Business Language, X3DCAE will act as your Eyes, Ears and Voice, and will speak the Business Language that is locally understood, to make sure your sales goals are met as intended.