CAE Project Management
for New Product Development

X3DCAE offers CAE Project Management Services, for New Product Development (NPD) through Computer Aided Engineering (CAE).

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CAE is essential in New Product Development because it offers a Quick, Reliable, and Economical way, of avoiding unnecessary, costly, and time consuming prototyping, until a Product Development Team feels comfortable with a new design.

During the last 40 years, CAE has changed the New Product Development process because it allows to Predict and Evaluate the Performance of new designs, through Numerical Simulation, including the inevitable Design Iterations that follow a baseline design. As a result, new product designs and their variations can be put to trial through Simulation, with the help of a small CAE team, until a product design evolves into a stage that inspires confidence to the Product Development Team. Once a certain level of confidence for a design is reached, physical prototyping, and laboratory testing follow.

With a long presence as a CAE Consultant, X3DCAE has streamlined the CAE Process for Efficient and Productive CAE Project Management. In addition, X3DCAE has developed a precise know-how for robust use of CAE tools like BETA-CAE's ANSA and ANSYS/LSTC's LS-DYNA, in order to serve effectively the CAE needs of its clients. X3DCAE's CAE Project Management capability will ensure the Functionality, Durability, Safety, and Reliability, of your New Products.