Business Development

X3DCAE will promote your Products and Services, and help you achieve your Sales Goals.

In Business Development, Knowledge of the product or service offered, Location, Business Network, and proper Business Language, are key factors for achieving your desired sales goals. Knowledge of a Product or a Service allows to narrow down the Location, Resources, and the type of Business Language needed, to focus on those clients that could potentially place an order.

With a strong background in New Product Development as well years of experience in Information Technology & Information Management Systems sales, X3DCAE has the Knowledge and Experience needed to understand your Products and Services and to determine the necessary course of action to reach out to clients who are interested in the very Technology and Solutions that you offer.

With nearly half of the United States population situated within a radius of less than 500 miles from X3DCAE's headquarters, X3DCAE offers an unsurpassed geographic advantage that will place your Products and Services in front of clients having a need for them. The National Capital Washington DC as well as Baltimore MD, Philadelphia PA, Pittsburgh PA, Columbus OH, Cleveland OH, and Detroit MI, are all within X3DCAE's geographic range. This advantage will place your Products and Services just a few hours away from Corporate Clients, Universities, the U.S. Midwest Industry, the booming Robotics industry of Pittsburgh PA, or the large IT corporations located in Washington DC.

Through a long tenure in New Product Development for the Manufacturing Industry, as well as through its involvement with Information Technology & Management Services, X3DCAE has built a reliable Business Network that will put at your service in the north-eastern United States. In addition, whether there is a need to be represented in a Trade Show or in a Person to Person meeting, in a Negotiation, in a Presentation, in an Online Meeting or Conference Call, X3DCAE will be there participating, leading, promoting, and serving your Corporate Interests. X3DCAE's Business Network and Representation Services, will created the necessary Synergies to promote your Corporate Goals, while X3DCAE's unsurpassed Communication capability will Highlight the Differentiators that give a Competitive Advantage to your Products and Services.